Proud to be renewable: celebrating renewable installations

Proud to be renewable: celebrating renewable installations
This June has been a poignant month so far in terms of raising renewable energy awareness. As we covered in our previous post last week, renewable energy commitments are being made by some of the UK's biggest and most well known names: British Telecom, Marks and Spencer and the National Trust.
Some of the National Trust properties Rural Energy have installed biomass heating at
The British renewable energy decarbonsiation commitment bill for 2030 has also been in the news as it is being reviewed in the House of Lords and was narrowly defeated in the Commons energy bill vote.
We are proud to say that they have helped clients install in excess of 1000 projects to date across the country. So today we want to take a moment and thank these clients for their commitment to the environment, carbon reduction and a long-term investment for the future.
Establishments such as Kingston University, Ikea, B&Q and building contractors Wates Living Space, Kier and Balfour Beatty are making the move to incorporate our sustainable solutions into their projects and existing sites. We celebrate the commitment these names make to renewable energy and to the European 2020 decarbonisation target.
As the British Government debates the renewable future in legislation, Rural Energy has certainly seen the positive benefits to be had from using renewable heating. Not only does the Government provide Renewable Heat Incentive benefits but this sector provides hundreds of jobs and affordable heating. Aside from this, the main aim is always to make significant steps to reduce carbon emissions.

The official opening of community heat project

If you have invested in renewable technology then share it with us here. If you are considering investing in in biomass then you can research how some of our clients have benefitted with our help. You can read various case studies online for biomass. We also have a number of brochures and case study booklets we can provide to you in hard or digital copy: feel free to call us on 0203 189 0666 today or email info@ruralenergy.co.uk and chat to an expert about your renewable project.
Once again, thank you to our commercial and industrial clients for choosing to 'go green'.