Hotels & Leisure

Biomass for the hotel and leisure industry

Much of the leisure industry is set in the UK’s beautiful countryside. It’s also often ‘off-gas’, meaning hotels, leisure complexes, golf clubs and community centres end up with costly oil/LPG bills. Even when these buildings aren’t off-gas the constant use at all hours can result in a big heating bill.

We can step in to offer an alternative that is cost-effective, carbon neutral and top quality: biomass heating.

Our biomass boiler range also offers approval to earn the Renewable Heat Incentive, an important business case for biomass. This helps pay off the initial outlay for the equipment within the first few years of running it, leaving you to reap the rewards of cheaper fuel and Government payouts. Don't forget that it offers huge carbon offset capacity too.


Our equipment can heat hundreds of guest rooms, numerous buildings, swimming pools and gyms – whatever your requirements.

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