Biomass for warehouse

Biomass heating can provide process heat, steam cleaning, an ambient environment and use ‘waste’ wood from manufacturing processes too.

We have worked on several warehouse heating schemes, be they part of a wider site including offices and process heat on district heating, or straightforward fan heating direct to the work space. We are also working with several businesses who manufacture/process products and wish to use heat and hot water to sterilise equipment, workspaces and keep employees warm.

For these kinds of applications, we have developed some flexible solutions. Firstly, we recommend the AIRMatic Biomass Space Heater – this product connects directly to fan heaters to provide a comfortable warehouse temperature.

Secondly, we have the Heat Pod and Heat Hub packaged solutions which are prefabricated off-site. These come in a range of outputs and will not require space within your warehouses: they stand independently and can be fitted for wood pellet or wood chip fuel types. We’ll custom build them to your specification with a quick turnaround (you can see some examples of these kind of schemes here).

Or, thirdly, think about investigating a custom-designed project. We have an in-house Design team with broad biomass experience and excellent 3D BIM modelling skills. Our Technical Sales and Design teams only specify suitable biomass solutions within your budget – smart biomass that really does the job you need it to. We’re transparent, thorough and size your project accordingly.