Finance Packages

Installation of a Herz BioFire boiler at a poultry farmMaking your investment pay
Committing to biomass heating requires a serious investment in both time and money. At Rural Energy we make sure biomass works for your budget. We can provide a variety of financial solutions that enable you to invest in renewable energy and benefit from cheaper heating without any upfront capital costs.


  • Access to specialist finance for green technologies
  • Installations costs can be included
  • No impact on your working capital
  • Fast – credit approval within 24 hours
  • ESCO and Asset Finance available
Rural Energy has a number of ways to help fund your biomass solution


For many kinds of business, heating and energy costs represent one of the largest budget items annually. Rural Energy can supply an Energy Supply Contract or ESCO to essentially fund a financial arrangement with your company, which can help you significantly reduce your heating and energy costs whilst also achieving long-term energy security for your client or business. 
Key benefits:
  • Zero capital outlay
  • Reduced heating bills
  • No maintenance costs
  • New biomass boiler
  • Low carbon emissions
  • A clean and renewable energy source
  •  Secure energy supply
  • Frees up capital spend
  • Reduced heating cost up to 30% or significantly more with RHI payment scheme from Ofgem
Rural Energy can also provide Asset finance this is a method by which most businesses will be able to finance plant, equipment and machinery. It usually involves paying a regular charge for use of the asset over an agreed period therefore avoiding the full cost of buying outright.
Options include:
  • Leasing or hire purchase
  • Funding up to £500,000 as standard
  • Repayments available up to 7 years
  • Funding 100% of the net cost
  • Ability to transfer funds prior to installation commencing
Example Finance illustration:
500kW Herz boiler turn key installation with plant room building and fuel silo
Cost = £190,000
Heat Load of 750,000kWh pa replacing oil at 43 per litre
Wood chip cost £118  per tonne
Without fianance payback is 5.5 years
With lease finance at 8%* paid over 7 years, the project is cash positive from year 1.
*lower rates available dependent upon client credit score, project value etc
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