Residential & District Heating

Biomass for residential or district heating networks

Biomass has the power to sustainably heat homes, businesses and factories on a large scale.

At a prominent distillery in Scotland, Rural Energy has installed a 995kW Heat Hub as part of a CHP district heating system which is also biomass fuelled. This district heating heats local businesses, homes and the distillery in one of the most remote parts of Scotland.

In a social housing area of Huddersfield, a Herz BioMatic provides heat alongside gas boilers to 88 residential dwellings.

These are just two examples of how biomass boilers work for district heating and residential schemes. They are ideal for local authorities and community cooperatives alike (in fact, we’ve worked on two of the only biomass cooperative schemes in the country to date and plenty of local authority projects).

If you have an application that may be suitable for district heating, we can visit your site and carry out a site survey. We also have financial options that can help realise your biomass potential.