Public Sector

Looking to cut your carbon footprint and heating bills? Biomass is the right choice for your organisation.

Our biomass heating systems are all Renewable Heat Incentive qualified, suitable for BREEAM and have one of the smallest footprints on the market. Simply, they are flexible and pay for themselves.

We know that for any project in the public sector it can be tricky to overcome planning permission, emissions restrictions and rely on a supplier to be your ‘one stop shop’.

That’s where Rural Energy comes in. We can work as the biomass supplier to your project (whether it be 1 boiler or rolling out 100) – or we can be your Main Contractor and oversee the scheme from day one.

With extensive experience in the public sector delivering frameworks for several large councils as well as over 325 public sector schemes, we know this can be a lengthy process.

Therefore, Rural Energy provides technical sales, design, finance, installation/project delivery, commissioning, project management, RHI and maintenance services. We also have contacts in wood fuel supply and can refer local authorities to trusted partners.

So if you’re looking for a reliable supplier who can do everything under one roof, or even if you’re looking for a trusted specialist who you can consult, Rural Energy will answer your call.