Rural Energy has the capacity to work in a variety of contracting roles depending on the supply chain for a project. Whilst frequently acting as main contractor, we have also worked with many well-known contracting firms over the years in M&E or supplier roles.

With our selection of in-house services, we can minimise risk by taking on large portions of project duties. This will bring on site activity and planning under one roof, improving communications, turnaround times and minimising risk.

We have a strong track record of working in collaboration with supply chains and contractors to deliver large and small projects.

Key reasons contractors choose to work with us include:

  • More than 12 years experience in biomass heating and site contracting
  • Excellent track record of turnaround times
  • Two warehouses of stock and fast track spares delivery
  • Dedicated projects team with full design capability, Building Information Modelling, project managers, contracts specialists, on-site engineers and helpdesk support
  • Excellent health & safety record
  • Friendly and hardworking team

Whatever the stage of your development, If you have something you would like Rural Energy to consult or work on you can contact our Technical Sales team here with your project details.