Biomass for poultry farms

Rural Energy is very familiar with all kinds of biomass applications for all kinds of poultry rearing businesses. In this sector we have worked with serveral large poultry companies as well as local businesses. Whatever the size of your poultry business, we have a way to help cut your heating bills.

Nearly every poultry production site that we have worked on has been off the gas grid. If that’s your business too, this is the right place to be. Biomass is a competitive alternative to direct fired oil/LPG heating and can be retrofit into existing fan units or integrated into brand new sheds.




The top 5 benefits of choosing biomass to heat your sheds:

  1. Renewable heating – the most obvious thing about biomass heating is that it uses renewable fuel. Usually this wood fuel can be delivered from a local supplier, but many of our clients have colleagues close by or even their own woodland they want to make use of.
  2. Cost – biomass fuel is about half the price of traditional fossil fuels (except mainline gas)
  3. Efficiency – our biomass boilers have over 90% efficiency, meaning you get more heat from your wood per tonne and cut carbon too. Plus, with a more efficient and cost-effective heat source (combined with a new ventilation system) most poultry farmers find their crops meet target weight up to a day early. That’s a day of expensive feed saved: efficient!
  4. Good atmosphere – the new heating system will provide you with a gentle, dry heat. Forget damp conditions and excessive levels of gases in the shed atmosphere creating sick birds. With biomass, the atmosphere is warm and dry. This works especially well with a new ventilation system.
  5. Renewable Heat Incentive – poultry biomass applications are eligible for the RHI (our RHI page to find out more). The Government pays biomass boiler owners back for investing in renewable heating and this will pay off your initial outlay within a few years, leaving you to then reap the rewards of cheaper fuel and RHI income.