Herz BioFire (500kW-1.5MW)

Herz BioFire (500kW-1.5MW)
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The Herz BioFire is a large scale commercial/industrial boiler with outputs from 500kW-1.5MW. It is especially robust and known for its ability to handle varying wood chip fuel types and wood pellet fuel.

Key features:

• Pellets according to ÖNORM M 7135, DINplus seal of approval or Swisspellet
• G30-G50/W40 wood chips according to ÖNORM M 7133
• Easy to install due to modular design
• 2-zone step grate
• Constant high level of efficiency
• Automatic cleaning of the combustion chamber and the pipe heat exchanger
• Remote maintenance/visualisation

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    The BioFire is built with a sizeable step-grate combustion chamber, much like a Herz Firematic's step grate but on a larger scale. The step process basically allows for a variety of wood chip qualities to burn over time, meaning the boiler can deal with differing fuels.

    This biomass boiler model also has a high power to mass ratio due to its extremely compact design. Ease of operation is aided by automatic cleaning and the option of an automatic ash discharge system.

    This boiler is  modulating, meaning that it comes in two parts and is then fitted together  and fast installation of these large units is possible. Added to its small footprint, this makes it a top choice for sites with ‘awkward’ plant room entry.

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    Suitable for a rigid auger and use with rotary or screw agitators.

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    The Herz BioFire is suitable for use with a purpose built fuel store, prefabricated fuel stores (silo, hopper and hook bins), and v-profile fuel store – ultimately this can be tailored to each site. For more information on types of fuel stores please visit the Fuel Store FAQs section.