AIRMatic Biomass Space Heater

AIRMatic Biomass Space Heater
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Whether you are looking for a bespoke biomass solution for a large industrial unit or an off-the shelf immediate solution for a small warehouse, Rural Energy has got it covered. Thanks to the introduction of the Renewable Heating Incentive there has never been a better time to switch to biomass.
The cost of heating via wood chips and wood pellets is significantly lower than traditional fuel sources such as oil, electricity and LPG. Combine these lower heating costs with reduced carbon emissions and an additional RHI income for 20 years and you can see why biomass is a compelling proposition.

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    The standalone 'plug and play' modular biomass unit for localised heating in smaller warehouses.
    Our new compact biomass system has been developed specifically for heating large volume spaces - keeping your staff warm and providing frost protection for your products. Powered by a Herz® wood pellet biomass boiler, the AIRMatic delivers rapid heating via a selfcontained, easy to install system. Available from stock, this versatile system can be mounted wherever you choose, all you need is:
    • Suitable electrical supply (single phase 230V)
    • Water supply
    • Level floor suitable for the weight of the unit
    • Space for flue penetration to comply with building regulations
    ✔ Touchscreen controls with remote access capability
    ✔ High efficiency, RHI compliant boiler
    ✔ Includes RHI approved heat meter
    ✔ Quick & easy to install
    ✔ Quality Austrian product -5 year warranty (heat exchanger and boiler body)
    ✔ Potential savings of up to 30% on traditional heating


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    For the Pelletstar, there are three feed options:

    1. Flexi Auger: a flexible auger screw twinned with a flexi-tube gives ultimate choice in arranging the fuel store and boiler positions.
    2. Vacuum: ideal for if your boiler is not installed close to the fuel store, pellets can be vacuumed from the pellet store into the fuel deposit in the boiler.
    3. Hand fed: the Pelletstar can have a fuel bin beside it into which bags of pellets can be tipped by hand. This is hands on but perfect for smaller properties with limited space available.
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    The Pelletstar can be installed in combination with bag silos, purpose-built v-profile fuel stores, rotary agitators, prefabricated silos and with a smaller hand-fed fuel bin beside the boiler.