Focus Friday: a new heavy duty product is brought to the market

Focus Friday: a new heavy duty product is brought to the market
This Friday it’s time to focus on something new: a brand new product is being added to the extremely popular Firematic range! So grab a cup of tea and read all about it here. 
Introducing the Herz Firematic HD
The new Herz Firematic HD in 199kW for heavy dutyOur fantastic new Herz product is the ideal biomass boiler to allow you to tap into the Renewable Heat Incentive (at the 199kW tariff) and guarantee reliable heat production from a purpose-built heat and hot water system.
Herz Firematic HD 199kW heavy duty biomass boiler
The ‘Heavy Duty’ model was designed as a direct result to market demand for the 199kW boiler in intensive applications. We worked closely with Herz to produce a boiler that could do exactly what the British market needs, which is where the HD comes in.
Our new design is a ‘beefed up’ Firematic 199kW, with a bigger body and combustion chamber to deliver larger water volumes and overall heating capacity. The Firematic is a favourite for its reliable stepped grate design, ideal for efficient combustion.
These modifications mean the new HD model benefits from a greater thermal mass, enabling it to cope more effectively with long operating periods – ideal for sectors where constant heat is required.
“Perfect for poultry, leisure centres and hospital units.”
With this heavy duty upgrade, we’ve made sure that the redesigned combustion chamber and heat exchanger can tolerate wider varieties of wood moisture in wood chip. This means our clients can use a fuel which may be easier to access or cheaper for them to use.
The Herz Firematic HD can produce 199kW output and cope with wood chip up to 40% moisture: good news for users, suppliers and us when we come to service them.
  • Heavy duty intensive heat applications
  • Wider fuel moisture variety up to 40% moisture
  • Simple operation mechanisms
  • Automatic cleaning systems for the combustion chamber and pipe heat exchanger
  • A variety of fuel discharge systems
  • Consistently high level of efficiency
  • 199kW – ideal for making the most of the Renewable Heat Incentive
It’s simple: avoid potential headaches such as increased maintenance costs and shortened lifespans caused by pushing boilers beyond their design capacity.
For more information please download the product information sheet here or call Rural Energy on 0203 189 0676.