Herz Pelletstar (10-60KW)

Herz Pelletstar (10-60KW)
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The Pelletstar provides a low-space solution for producing heat from wood pellets with outputs from 10kW to 60kW.
The Pelletstar has a modern design and features not only automatic heat exchanger cleaning and an efficient Lambda probe to save on the consumption of fuel by the boiler, but now also Herz’s newly designed and rigorously tested T-control panel.

The Pelletstar is a wood pellet biomass boiler suitable for small properties. It features Herz’s interactive T-Control panel and is handily available to monitor on smartphone, tablet and PC.

Built with heat resistant steel, the combustion chamber features an automatically cleaning combustion grate. Combined with the Lambda probe technology, the boiler routinely manages combustion temperatures and emission levels to ensure the boiler only uses the amount of fuel needed and it combusts efficiently.


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    This biomass boiler from Herz is available for three different manners of fuel delivery. The Pelletstar for automatic fuel delivery is perfect for use with a flexible fuel conveyance. This flexi-auger twinned with a flexi-tube operates effectively with a range of different styles of fuel storage, particularly a flexible ‘bag’ silo, which can be situated within an existing room. The Pelletstar for vacuum-feed is a good solution when the fuel store may be situated some distance away or where there may be obstructions between the boiler room and the pellet store.
    There are two pipes for this solution; one that feeds pellets into a fuel bin attached to the side of the boiler and one that ensures air can pass back into the fuel store. The manual version also has a fuel bin to the side where, in this case, pellets are loaded from a sack by hand.
    With innovative technology and modern design, its compactness makes it suitable for any boiler room to heat museums, charity organisations and retail units.
    • Fully automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger surfaces
    • Fully automatic grate cleaning enables greater convenience
    • Automatic pellets feed thanks to various discharge systems such as flexible crew, suction discharge and agitator/auger systems
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    For the Pelletstar, there are three feed options.

    1. Flexi Auger: a flexible auger screw twinned with a flexi-tube gives ultimate choice in arranging the fuel store and boiler positions.
    2. Vacuum: ideal for if your boiler is not installed close to the fuel store, pellets can be vacuumed from the pellet store into the fuel deposit in the boiler.
    3. Hand fed: the Pelletstar can have a fuel bin beside it into which bags of pellets can be tipped by hand. This is hands on but perfect for smaller properties with limited space available.
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    The Pelletstar can be installed in combination with bag silos, purpose-built v-profile fuel stores, rotary agitators, prefabricated silos and with a smaller hand-fed fuel bin beside the boiler.