Herz Firestar (15-40 KW)

Herz Firestar (15-40 KW)
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The Firestar is a log and wood briquette burning biomass boiler that is a little more hands-on in its application, providing a renewable heat solution at a much lower cost, with outputs of 15kW to 40kW.

The Herz Firestar is a wood log/briquette domestic biomass boiler. With outputs ranging between 15kW and 40kW, it offers a more ‘hands on’ way of heating.

The boiler uses a double vortex combustion chamber set up is unique to the Firestar design and ensures that oxygen and combustion gases are mixed in the optimum way to produce a highly efficient combustion process. Add in the Lambda probe technology which measures combustion chamber emissions, and emission values are drastically lowered (as is fuel consumption).


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    This solid, virgin wood burning boiler uses a double vortex combustion chamber which is unique to the Herz Firestar design. This ensures that the oxygen and combustion gasses present during operation are mixed and combined in the optimum way to produce highly efficient combustion. This, and the use of a Lambda probe, results in much lower emission values as well as lower fuel consumption.
    The Firestar is available in a version which provides just very basic control features, and a more interactive format with a BioControl 3000.
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    Manual loading directly into the cool combustion chamber.

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    No formal storage system is required except for a wood log or briquette storage place (a cellar or a shed for instance).