Herz BioMatic (220-500kW)

Herz BioMatic (220-500kW)
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The Herz BioMatic range is capable of burning either wood chips or wood pellets and a client can even choose to change from one to the other and back again through the lifetime of the boiler.
With outputs from 220kW to 500kW, the BioMatic is a great solution for medium sized installations across sectors from country houses and hospitals to housing estates and manufacturing plants. For the available output of these boilers, their footprint is still very compact. As with all Herz chip and pellet burning boilers, BioMatics have automatic heat exchanger cleaning and a Lambda probe to continuously monitor the exhausts a well as the fuel quality and quantity being fed into the combustion chamber.
Perfect for higher education, hotels, hospitals and local authorities.
  • Easy to install due to modular design
  • Quick adjustment
  • Constant high level of efficiency
  • Automatic cleaning of the combustion chamber and the pipe heat exchanger
  • Remote maintenance/visualisation


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    The BioMatic is Herz’s dry fuel star. With a totally unique vibrating combustion chamber it is unlike any other in the Herz range and probably the best suited to dry fuel types. The underfeed setup gives the BioMatic the tools to respond quickly to varying heat loads. This boiler is ideal for dry wood pellet fuels. 


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    Suitable for a rigid auger and use with rotary or screw agitators.

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    The BioMatic is suitable for use with a purpose built fuel store, prefabricated fuel stores (silo, hopper and hook bins) and v-profile fuel stores – ultimately this can be tailored to each site.