Fuel Storage

Fuel storage options for your biomass heating project
Where you are going to store the wood fuel that your biomass boiler will burn is a vital consideration early on in your project.
Whether a new-build project or a retrofit application, the amount of space and type you require for storage depends on the fuel type you intend to use, the requirement of the boiler (calculated through heat load and fuel quality), any price or construction restrictions, location of the storage and distance from the boiler, and existing space on site.
For what type of fuel store may suit your project best, it is crucial you discuss this with your supplier or consultant, but our blog Storage Solutions for your Biomass Wood Fuel  may assist with some initial ideas.
DWG-25.pngIntegrated internal stores
  • A room on the same level as the biomass boiler plant room, suitably renovated or constructed to meet the wood fuel’s storage specifications
  • For pellet-only use, a V-profile floor is advised
  • For chip only or chip and pellet stores, a square space is best for the circular, spring agitator
DWG-182.pngSubterranean Stores
  • Space saving, block-built underground store
  • The bunker lid is the most important consideration
  • Hydraulic or manual operation? Lifting or sliding lid? Flush-fitting design?
DWG-162.pngAbove Ground Octagonal Stores
  • Prefabricated metal hopper with internal agitator
  • Fill and vent pipes for fuel deliveries (pellets)
  • Additional vertical elevator available for tipped wood chip deliveries
DWG-152.pngHook Bin Stores
  • Metal hook bins (like shipping containers) fitted to a frame, usually in twos
  • Replace empty bin with a full bin instead of emptying fuel into the container
  • Large space required
DWG-222.pngInternal Flexible Bag Stores
  • Flexi-bag pellet silos available in a range of sizes and capacities
  • Metal frame and ‘breathable’ fabric material
  • Storz fittings for fill and vent pipes to be attached to fill and vent pipes
DWG-172.pngModular Steel Stores
  • Can be built up in sections to the desired size
  • Suitable for external placement
  • Solid cement base required for modular steel silo to stand upon
DWG-242.pngCylindrical Stores
  • Various sizes available
  • Can be painted to a range of RAL colours
  • Solid cement base required for cylindrical silo to stand upon
Rural Energy understand that, even with the many options available to clients, some sites require a bespoke biomass fuel store solution. We have provided unique, site-specific and successful bimass fuel store plans, designs and installations for numerous clients where off-the-shelf products were not quite suitable, and we can help with yours' too.
Don't forget to read our blog Storage Solutions for your Biomass Wood Fuel and contact our sales team on 0203 189 0654 to discuss your options.