Managed Services

engineers coverage.pngOur national team can offer reliable, tailored services for a variety of heating plants, energy centres and packaged plant rooms across the UK.

As experts in renewable heat technology providing managed services to the construction supply chain, end users and construction professionals we can provide both planned and corrective maintenance as well as M&E component spares and on-site or remote telephone support. Whether for traditional heating, CHP or biomass – we have an engineer who can support you. Managed services can also be offered as part of an ESCO agreement.








Preventative Maintenance

We offer service contract options that can be tailored to the customers needs with all parts listed on the service schedule checked, cleaned and replaced where necessary allowing you to control lifetime costs and budget for maintenance and repairs.

Corrective Maintenance

A service plan with Rural Energy will minimise the risk of breakdown however should this occur we can provide a fast response via our technical support line and national network of engineers.

Dedicated team of engineers

We have a network of engineers located across the country in order to facilitate timely installation, servicing and if needs be, troubleshooting and optimisation. These fully trained engineers carry spare parts on their vans with further specialist items  held in stock at our UK warehouse for delivery within 24 hours

Remote telephone  support

We offer our customers full telephone  support from our in-house technical helpline. Staffed by experienced technicians we can support fault diagnosis, boiler and buffer water adjustment, auto de-ashing and cleaning and maintenance enquiries remotely.