New biomass boiler provides the best of both worlds

New biomass boiler provides the best of both worlds

It’s always exciting when you’ve got a new product to talk about, but we are especially proud to introduce the Herz Pelletfire boiler – and here’s why…

With the ability to burn both logs and wood pellets as wells as MCS approval, this new boiler is making biomass even more accessible for the domestic and light commercial sector. It’s very easy to operate as switching between the two fuels is really simple and the system can be set up to automatically transition to wood pellets if all the logs are burnt out.

The Herz Pelletfire is also very compact and comes in a range of output options from 20kW to 40kW. Combining these two proven technologies brings out the best of both – with users able to benefit from the flexibility and cost savings from log burning and the reliability of a continual fuel feed system that comes from wood pellets. What’s more the Pelletfire is compatible with various types of pellet stores including the traditional V profile and modular pellet silos. It also incorporates the modern T-CONTROL touch system, making operation of the boiler simple and user-friendly.

From a technical perspective it’s important to mention that the Pelletfire range has a unique double vortex combustion chamber, which is designed to assist maximum efficiency in the combustion process – saving money for the end user. The smooth running of the boiler is also helped by the Lambda probe control and automatic cleaning capabilities of the heat exchanger and combustion grate, ensuring the cleanest combustion and maximum heat transfer.

As you can see, Herz puts a huge amount of thought and time into developing and refining the technology that goes into their biomass boilers to ensure the best possible efficiencies and savings for the user. The Pelletfire is also available in a ‘log only’ version with a pellet flange, which has the ability to be paired with the wood pellet system at a later date. Importantly, the filling shaft for the log boiler can accommodate logs of up to 50cm in length, guaranteeing a long burning time.

Available to order through our Herz partner network the Herz Pelletfire boiler offers true flexibility to users and will revolutionise the lower duty end of the market. To view our full range of Herz boilers see our product pages or for more infomation on the Pelletfire download the product brochure.