Live Biomass Talk & Tour at Private Schools

Live Biomass Talk & Tour at Private Schools
We are currently preparing for our next 'Talk & Tour' at a working biomass boiler installation in Highfield & Brookham School, West Sussex. We will be showcasing this two phase project and explaining the benefits of using sustainable heating in the education sector.
This special ‘Talk and Tour’ event will take place between 10am and 4pm on Wednesday, August 6th.
Talk & Tour Sessions That Are Easy For You:
  • A morning session will run from 10am-12noon 
  • The afternoon session between 2pm and 4pm 
  • All guests are invited to a communal lunch and networking between the two sessions
The pair of boilers at the independent school heat two schools on a large estate
This school project is a retrofit installation featuring a purpose-built energy centre which houses two 300kW Herz BioMatic biomass boilers. The project was completed in two stages - each boiler has independent fuel feed and pipeworks, but feeds from one fuel store.
Visitors looking for economical and carbon cutting heating will have the opportunity to see the two-year-old boilers in action. Collaborating with key industry experts, you can hear about the cost saving and environmentally friendly installation as well as see the system for yourself.
Highfield & Brookham external biomass wood fuel storage
  • Rural Energy’s Business Development Manager, Matt Scully, will lead a session on the installation of these biomass boilers
  • Lucy Clark, Operations Manager at LC Energy, will then explain about renewable wood fuel resources and supply contracts the schools have in place
  • Matthew Woodcock, Partnership and Expertise Manager for the Forestry Commission, will lead a tour of the school’s own woodland to see where most of the fuel is sourced. He will also talk in depth about woodland management and how biomass fuel can promote sustainability in woodlands
  • Paul Harris, Estates and Facilities Manager for the schools, will then explain why they chose biomass and the benefits it brings both in terms of cost savings and reducing carbon footprint
  • Matt Scully will also lead a guided tour of the energy centre where the boilers were installed in 2012, allowing visitors to see the boilers in action
This event will give a unique opportunity for visitors to ask questions and gain valuable information about biomass technology and the benefits it can offer. The ‘Talk and Tour’ is a free event and open to any consultants, contractors, schools and businesses interested in biomass. Read more about the installation and project in our Highfield & Brookham case study.
"Our aim is to give those who are interested in affordable biomass heating and carbon reduction a first hand insight at a live, established site, enabling them to see biomass boilers in action and understand what this technology can deliver for them.”
To book your place, please contact Louise Young on 0203 667 7790.