Herz biomass boiler solution passes Edinburgh City Council strict emission limits

Herz biomass boiler solution passes Edinburgh City Council strict emission limits
By the end of 2014 the stunning Dundas Castle near Queensferry in Edinburgh will see the installation of a Herz biomass boiler to heat its Grade I listed buildings. This is to be the first biomass boiler solution to pass Environmental Assesment for Edinburgh City Council’s very strict emission limits.
Eco Biomass Limited, an approved partner of Rural Energy, has won the contract to develop a new energy centre and move the castle’s heating system over from oil to wood chip as a fuel source.
Dundas Castle (c) www.dundascastle.co.uk
Planning permission was obtained during this summer and Eco Biomass, based in Angus, exacted thorough reports and environmental statements to prove the equipment would meet the Smoke Control Area restrictions that apply to Edinburgh for the installation of a Herz BioFire 800kW biomass boiler. It is the first biomass system that has had Environmental Assessment approval in Edinburgh.
The Herz BioFire boiler already meets the emission requirements as set out by the government to qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which will see Dundas Castle benefit from regular payments for using sustainable, renewable technology for heating and providing hot water to the premises. By including a ceramic filter in the design, the particulate emissions are reduced even further to be in line with the council’s requirements.
“This is a landmark step towards carbon reduction in low air quality areas and, I hope, will be the start of an increased take up of renewable heating technology in the area. This is one of a number of high profile contracts that we are currently working on, ensuring high quality and excellent performance to the client. This reinforces our position as one the leading biomass companies in the United Kingdom, we are pleased to work in partnership with both Rural and Edinburgh Council again.
“We are due to start on the new energy centre next month as the main contractor and as such are responsible for the full integration works with the existing heating system on this project.”

The energy centre design includes a biomass plant room for the 800kW Herz biomass boiler, multi-cyclone filters, two 6,000 litre buffer vessels and the control systems as well as an area dedicated to the ceramic filter and the fuel store.
The fuel store is a bespoke design and uses two 5m diameter spring arm agitators sited next to each other to move the wood chip via augers into a separate trough bin which is sunk into the ground. From this trough another agitator screw will convey the fuel into the Herz Biofire boiler.
This is one of the first biomass boiler heating solution to receive planning permission from Edinburgh City Council, partly due to the ultra clean Herz product. Approval was granted by the planners following in-depth analysis of the project including the preservation of this listed building, the fact it is off the gas grid and also because the site is outside the city limits.
Dundas Castle’s unique location ensures minimal works traffic and fuel delivery transport actually using Edinburgh city roads, which was one of the main considerations of the council’s planning board.
Although applications for many other biomass installations within the city’s borders have been rejected, Rural Energy and Eco Biomass are delighted to be given consent to install one of the first ever biomass system into Edinburgh.