Herz are number 1 in Austria

Herz are number 1 in Austria
Two thirds of Rural Energy’s history is interwoven with the Herz story. From humble beginnings, Rural Energy has grown to a national biomass provider with Herz by its side.
Now Herz has been recognised as the number 1 supplier for wood chip boilers above 100kW in size in Austria, the home of innovative biomass building. The VÖK (Association of Austrian Boiler Suppliers) has provided official statistics with sales figures showing that Herz is THE number 1 go-to manufacturer for wood chip biomass boilers over 100kW.
Here at Rural Energy we are of course thrilled to hear about this success. Herz are the top choice for biomass boilers in Austria when it comes to a woodchip heating system for a commercial site. Here in the UK we are also working hard to make Herz continue their excellence in the market as one of the best brands in the biomass sector.
Herz manufacturing biomass productsClose up of biomass boiler body
Rural Energy and Herz forged their partnership in 2004 to provide quality renewable heating to businesses around the country. Our founder, Richard Harvey, was immediately drawn to the high quality design of the boilers and knew that clients wanted a product they could rely on to heat their sites. Herz met these needs. At this time the Renewable Heat Incentive was just a whisper of an idea, so being able to provide exceptional build quality for a great price was the top of every buyer’s list (and still is).
Our first recorded Herz installation is of a 20kW Pelletstar at The Old Workshop in Northamptonshire in 2005. By the end of 2006, Rural Energy sold 17 Herz biomass boilers, cementing our relationship with the Austrian firm as the sole distributor in the UK. 
By the end of 2010, Rural Energy sold 204 Herz biomass boilers to clients such as the NHS, DEFRA and a blossoming partner network in its infancy. Herz’s popularity in the biomass market was cemented here in the UK.
Across the channel in mainland Europe, Herz already has an established legacy in Austria and its closest neighbours. In Europe, Rural Energy is one of the manufacturer’s most significant partners. Herz’s partnerships include 28 companies across 75 countries in the world.
On average, Herz manufacture and build around 20-35 biomass boilers a day, totally an average of 6,000 boilers every year. These boilers are put together in a 14000m2 warehouse at their headquarters in Austria and then shipped to partners across the world.
(Herz boilers getting ready to be sent out from Austria
Herz is made up of a team of 230 or so people, many of whom have daily contact from Rural Energy regarding projects and product development. Herz and Rural Energy team members also frequently visit each headquarters to discuss products, training and installation techniques as well as tinker with the training/show boilers.
With over 115 years in the heating industry, Herz originally specialised in building and supplying heating equipment such as valves. Over the past 30 years, since 1983, they have expanded into manufacturing renewable technologies including boilers and buffer tanks.
Herz Pinkafeld offices, manufacturing plant and delivery van