EBEC 2013

EBEC 2013
Hello again, Louise here. I am here to report on the European Bioenergy Exhibition and Conference, held on October 9th-10th 2013.
Lou outside a newly delivered Heat Pod at HQ
(Me with one of our open week Heat Pods in August)
Rural Energy have been attending for numerous years and we were certain that this year would be another successful year. I was given the task of planning and managing the event (with the help of the team of course). 
Our Managing Director, Paul Clark, was asked to speak at the conference event in the panel held by Stewart Boyle 'The Business Case for Biomass' in which he discussed biomass technology, the growing sector and how poultry farmers are getting the most from biomass heating.

The huge Herz BioFire step grate on display

We set up on stand E15 near 'Agri-Rural Theatre 2' where, handily, Paul was to speak on the Wednesday. It was a large stand and really well laid out in the hall. There were certainly plenty of delegates visiting the theatres and passing by our stand.
Stand E15 displayed the T-Control iPad app, show Herz Pelletstar with cutaway sections and T-Control, show Herz Firematic with moving sections, cutaways and T-Control corresponding to moving parts, and the large step grate from the combustion grate of a Herz BioFire. We also displayed a number of our favourite case studies, including 6 Heat Pods for the NHS and two MOD projects, plus our offical Heat Pod videos. These drew plenty of interest from passing visitors.
Our visitors really enjoyed being able to see the T-Control and biomass boilers in full working order. Impressively our show boilers can be set to mimic a true cycle of functioning from starting up, cleaning, feeding fuel and combustion. It was really excellent to be able to see the fuel feeding process in real time.
Paul discusses biomass for business in front of a packed theatre
Paul's talk also went down really well. A few months ago Paul was invited to speak in Stewart Boyle's panel session by the organisers, especially focusing around how biomass is growing in popularity for poultry farmers. Paul discussed the importance of choosing the right kind of biomass boiler and how investing in quality was more important than a cheaper product. He also explained how biomass works to heat poultry sheds, typical design standards and some case studies that Rural Energy have already installed.
You can read an excellent case study example on our website here and find out exactly how well one of our clients is doing now he has invested in a Herz boiler and high-tech ventilation system here: Northamptonshire Poultry Farm.
The panel received a number of engaging and challenging questions and comments showing a huge interest in biomass paybacks, sustainability and management. 
All in all we had a great show and I really enjoyed managing this show. It was a great opportunity to see some familiar faces, meet some of our suppliers and see how much the biomass market is growing. If you are considering biomass then EBEC is definitely the place to investigate all of your options. Until next October, if you need to know anything you can always get in contact with Myriad CEG or Rural Energy!
Until next time - Louise.