Welbeck Estates: Abbey and now Pineapple Lodge

Welbeck Abbey's purpose built plant room and fuel store
Welbeck Abbey in Nottinghamshire is an ancient abbey and estate once home to religious order. This historic estate, with Grade I listed buildings requiring constant heating, understandably chose to cut costs and carbon from oil heating by turning to biomass.
The Abbey’s age and infrastructure naturally meant that heating costs were high, preserving buildings with little or no insulation.
Working alongside contractors Geoffrey Robinson, Rural Energy specified an 800kW industrial quality biomass boiler to heat  a visitor and garden centre, cafe and offices. 
The Endress USF-W biomass boiler is sited in a purpose built plant room with a fuel store included which is much in keeping with the sandy stoned buildings surrounding it. The fuel store lid lifts with hydraulic power, allowing an arctic vehicle to tip chip into the store. 
Rural Energy also provided client training post-commissioning, as we do with all of our projects, and continue provide service and maintenance support through a service contract.
Rural Energy has since been commissioned to install another biomass system into Pineapple Lodge on the estate. The biomass system will heat offices and a small industrial estate, with commissioning planned for later this year. We are looking forward to working with Welbeck Estates again this year.