Office of National Statistics

Prefabricated octagonal fuel store
System Summary
Boiler type: 
2 x 1MW Endress USF-W
Fuel type: 
Wood Chip
Fuel store: 
2 x Pre-Fabricated Octagonal Silos with Wood Chip Elevator
In 2010, the National Office of Statistics (ONS) began work on building its new office premises in Newport. This Government-run executive office has relocated from London to Newport with the hope of saving money and being able to expand the premises. With this massive investment in the move, it was also important to make the relocation as sustainable as possible.
To that end FP Hurley and Sons appointed Rural Energy with the opportunity to supply 2MW of heating to this national statistical centre.
Rural Energy specified 2 x 1MW Endress USF-W biomass boilers with two octagonal silos and a wood chip elevator system to deliver fuel into the silos. For this just one wood chip elevator system is needed to feed the two fuel stores. One fuel store corresponds to one boiler so they can run and be fed fuel independently.
The two boilers are now sited within a purpose built fuel store. The installation, including delivery and construction of the octagonal silos and elevator system, was project managed by Rural Energy.
Rural Energy continues to carry out service and maintenance on an annual basis through a service contract agreement – this includes servicing the industrial quality boilers and inspecting the twin octagonal fuel stores.