National Trust Brownsea Island

Brownsea Island National Trust
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This historic Scout site complements the environment with sustainability at the heart of the new development.
The innovative building, comprising a 24-bed lodge, heritage centre, learning room, Scouting and Guides shop, toilet and shower block, staff accommodation and storage, was opened in 2007.
The National Trust was determined to create buildings that were true to the natural spirit of Brownsea Island and the National Trust’s commitment to sustainable structures. This ‘light touch’ building works well for the here and now but the aim is to eventually leave no trace of its existence.
Its strictly green credentials extend to its construction, which is largely from sustainable timbers - concrete has only been used for the bases of the washing and boiler blocks.
Heating comes from the 35kW Herz Firestar biomass boiler fuelled by timber gathered in the conservation management of the island. A biomass boiler was originally identified for heating during planning as Brownsea Island is remote and off-gas. 
The boiler uses excess timber harvested from woodland management activities. Woodland management increases biodiversity and overall wealth in ecosystems, and log drying piles also provide a new habitat for insects.
As this was a new build project, Rural Energy was able to install the boiler into a purpose-built plant room and connect directly to the new heating system.