Ministry of Defence RAF Spadeadam

Outside of the plant room
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Spadeadam is a Ministry of Defence base for the Royal Air Force (RAF), sited in Cumbria. This substantial base is located in a remote area and the MOD identified it as a site that would greatly benefit from a carbon reduction scheme as it is off-gas. 
As part of a wider defence estates implementation of carbon reduction, the project consultant specified a biomass solution to heat a district heating system serving a hangar and a number of office buildings. It was necessary to provide a medium temperature hot water system that would supply heat at 100DegC and hot water to these buildings.
The client identified a local wood supplier with the aim of being able to maximise the potential of the surrounding woodland. This, alongside the sustainable nature of biomass, would reduce CO2 emissions in the delivery process. 
This shows that not only the final renewable technology system at the base was desired to have a smaller carbon footprint compared to fossil fuels, but that the impact of the process of deliveries, site works and installation of the solution was considered also.
In spring 2011, Carillion Enterprise specified Rural Energy to provide a biomass boiler and heating system that could tolerate wood chip for fuel with a moisture content of up to 50%. For this project the plant room required a system that could be engineered to fit within the redundant existing buildings on site to fully incorporate a fuel store and an automatic fuel feed system utilising a walking floor.
Rural Energy’s answer was to design and install a bespoke turnkey biomass project. For this a 600kW wood chip biomass boiler with a scraper floor fuel delivery system was identified, designed, installed and commissioned.