Brunel University

Biomass boiler at Brunel University
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Brunel University’s Eastern Gateway building is the centre of the Brunel University’s Business School facilities in Birmingham. This £32m flagship building has state-of-the-
art facilities with four floors of classrooms, a stunning auditorium and research activity centres plus an art gallery and cafeteria. 
Constructed across 2011 and 2012 by Crown House Technologies, this project involved the integration of a 220kW Herz BioMatic biomass boiler. Specified by consultants Sundall Johnston and Partners LLP, Rural Energy was hired to provide a 220kW Herz BioMatic and fuel store for wood pellets.
Working with limited space allowances, Rural Energy designed and installed the 220kW biomass boiler and provided two bag silo fuel stores. These fit neatly side by side and allow for wood pellets to be blown to the silos from outside the building. There is a flexible vacuum hose that runs from the exterior of the building to the plant room that connects to the bag silos for delivery purposes.
The University’s newest development now has a sustainable source of renewable heating and hot water.